Thursday, May 17, 2012

The fly rod

If you are fishing using fly fishing technique, you should use a special rod that is fly rod. Fly rods there are 2, 3, 4, and even 5-section. In the performance, section of each rod is actually much less effect on the performance of the rod. It's just for practicality. The fishing gear consisting of 3 or 4 section is superior because it can be taken anywhere easily. Rod with section 3 or 4 is also very suitable for fishing small fish in freshwater. While the two-section rod is more fitting used in the estuary and saltwater fish where size and the power of tend to be larger. Based on the action of rod there are three types of action that is owned by a fly rod that is Slow, medium, and fast. Slow action rods will bend if hit by the load close to the fly reel. Rod of this type cannot be expected to produce a far distance casting. Then the medium action rod will bend in the middle of the rod. Fast action rods, if you get a load to be curved in a third of the rod tip. Fast action rod has a greater lifting power and casting distance. The beginners should choose a fast action rod for casting distance but easy to use. When buying a fly rod you must concern about the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Buy a cheap fishing rod may seem more economical but they are not. You should buy a rod from the leading manufacturers usually always offer a lifetime warranty. The price of fly rod that you want to buy you can customize according to your taste and ability. Purchase via online store it right solution. It could be good alternative brands such as sage fly rods are very easy to get there. Also high class brands such as hardy fly rods. Types of sage fly rods are recommended is one sage because the sage one is the "all-around" rod category, where precision casting accuracy is needed over a wide range of conditions

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